Any evidence Assad did a gas attack?

After everybody was so gung ho about this, now it turns out there's 0 evidence that Assad did anything. In fact the evidence showed that the terrorists did the attack so that the U. S. would get involved in the war more again. Since then thousands of innocent people were killed by the U. S. and their terrorist buddies but nobody really cares anymore. Moved on to other stuff.

This is why it makes me sick, when people are so nationalistic and primitive and just think more bombing is always the answer.
After the Iraq war everybody was like oh those liars. But when the media and the government feeds you the next lie, you eat it up like it's your favorite pizza or something. Nobody learned a thing.
Nobody's gonna face any consequences for this it's just like whoops.

Well I guess in the overall picture this is a small thing since then U. S. have killed over 20 MILLION people since World War 2 in 36 different countries and right now they're doing it in 8 countries at the same time, it's not gonna stop..
Any evidence Assad did a gas attack?
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