After what happened in Toronto yesterday?

So some extreme MAGA supporters took to Twitter to get involved in OUR (Canadian) affairs. And started bashing Trudeau & muslims. Later on, it was revealed that the perpetrator is a native of Richmond hill, with Armenian decadent, who is Christian. This upsets me so much; the fact that people are still scapegoating muslims for no reason. A mosque in Toronto has set up a memorial for them. Why do these dumb white supremacist extremists keep hating? This bullshit is spreading to Canada too!! I have a black friend and a lady on the bus told her that “the seat is for privileged people only.” THIS happened in Ottawa!! Where I lived for most of my life! I’m originally from Montreal, and I know that some people are quite racist up in Quebec, but Ottawa? Seriously? I live in the US, but want to come back to my home country after university. I’m afraid that racial tensions are rising. I’m also angry at the fact that people keep ATTACKING Justin Trudeau for allowing refugees to come in. The refugees are NOT a threat. They are simply looking for better lives, like all our ancestors. Also, I’m mixed race. I’ve never been directly racially discriminated, but maybe systematically which is common in Canada? I’m not sure. Canadians, what is happening to our country? And those of you Americans who are using social media & this tragic event that took place in Toronto yesterday to push your Trump agenda please stay out of our business. This isn’t your fight.

I’m considering going back home to Montreal. It’s been a while though, my French is becoming pretty much non-existent. Sad considering it’s my mother tongue along with English. Also, I’m considering Vancouver. I love it there.

But I will not go back if these racists are continuing to emerge.
After what happened in Toronto yesterday?
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