Did you ever took alcohol before age of 21?

no hate, just trying to understand people.
I find this kinda funny, at least in america you are not allowed to drink under 21 and people think its bad for you but its actually not lol, i mean its not good but its not that bad too , you get some fun and nothing happen, if u consume alcohol like a lot every day you will have problems but you are way too far from that. Im 17 and i got drunk a lot times (not that i took alcohol in small dosages but i dont remember anything a lot times when i got drunk) and every friend of me and better to say almost every person i know was drunk (lets say from 500 teens i can't tell you more then 30 didn't consume alcohol and i find this okey if they don't want but still more then 470 are getting drunk every month at least once) and best thing what i have to say is im super healthy and muscular and i drink alcohol. Point of this is not to be cool but to have fun. Admins&mods please don't delet this question, first read the laws, its allowed to drink alcohol in more countrys under 21 years of age and this website is for world not america by the way its question only.
Yes i took alcohol before i was 21.
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No, i didn't-- Im still under 21 and i won't take it.
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Did you ever took alcohol before age of 21?
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