Why does pride month exist?

So, everyone gets it. I'm a dude who's down to do the dirty with another dude, or dudette (if they're my partner keep in mind.) Big fucking deal, no one gives a shit that I'm bisexual, what I do in bed doesn't define who I am. The pride movement, which is about the acceptance of gay people, has an entirely different opinion on that. If you're gay, be praised for it. Not because you're an artist, but because you're a GAY artist. The whole concept of being praised for a sexual preference seems ridiculous to me, especially with a goal of acceptance in mind. The people that the movement are against, straight white traditional Christians, don't really care. 99% of the time that I talk with someone of this group, my sexuality doesn't come up, and when it does they still don't give a fuck and treat me the same as before, respectfully and like a friend. If anything, the month is intolerant of, and offensive to people who choose a different lifestyle, the same as what people in the pride movement do. My real question is, why does being gay matter, and why do we need a month to praise it? Just shut the fuck up, when we don't force our way of life (intentionally bringing it up over and over or making a point to be extra flamboyant around people), on people who we know have a traditionalist view, they tend to just treat us perfectly fine. From my point of view, pride month just deepens the divide and ostracizes the lgb community even more.
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I got bullied for it, and you know what I did? Rolled with it, i learned to joke about myself and it made me a better person overall. Also, if you fire someone because they're gay or lgb, good luck have fun, the media is going to kill you
Why does pride month exist?
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