Is the usa the most dangerous place to live?

Ok this might sound surprising. But everytime I keep reading more and more in the news or finding out about some deadly murder it always seems to be in the USA. The obsessive gun culture. Drug dealers Murder. Kidnapping , government corruption , Mugging, The mentally ill people. everything worst possible seems to happen in USA. infact the statistics which show that more people die of gun deaths in USA than Anywhere in the world is really worrying. It also is terrifying to know that 1 in 3 people in the country knows someone personally who got shot. I know that there's bad people everywhere but how many school shootings and gun violence do you see in other countries. (Even with guns) it's like non existant. Heck I've never heard of school shootings on the same level even in a country like Pakistan
Is the usa the most dangerous place to live?
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