How much time in Jail should this boxer who killed a mother of 4 and video taped it be given?

A pregnant mother of four has died after a suspected drunk driver crashed into her Chrysler minivan in California.
Professional boxer Marcos Forestal, 28, was allegedly intoxicated when his BMW plowed head-on into expectant mom Krystil Kincaid in Hemet on Sunday around 8.30pm, the Helmet Police Department said in a statement.
Krystal Kincaid (left) with her family
Krystal Kincaid (left) with her family
Marcus Forestal
Marcus Forestal
Arriving on scene shortly after the crash, police found Kincaid’s car “partially on fire” with the 8 months pregnant woman trapped, police said. Emergency responders were able to extinguish the blaze and the 29-year-old woman was airlifted to a nearby hospital.

Her unborn baby died and Kincaid was put on life support, however, doctors pronounced her dead the following day.

Officers found Forestal, who is the World Boxing Federation International Super Bantamweight champion, walking near his vehicle on the scene, authorities said.

“Forestal displayed symptoms of alcohol intoxication and was arrested,” the Helmet Police Department continued.

The boxer live streamed the aftermath of the crash on Facebook Live.

In the video, Forestal, who sustained only minor injuries, shows viewers his totaled car while saying, “Look what happened to me, guys.”

“A car crossed in front of me and look what happened to my car,” the Cuban boxer, who currently resides in Burbank in Los Angeles, says in Spanish in the video.

Heartbreakingly, Kincaid was on the phone with her husband Zach during the time of the crash, according to KTLA.

Zach, who was married to Kincaid for 12 years, told the outlet he heard his wife scream before the impact. He also heard the firefighters trying to pull her from the vehicle.

The heartbroken father of four told friends and family about the tragic incident on Facebook.

“I told my 2 daughters and my 2 sons that a drunk driver killed their mom. The pain and anger I feel within my soul is immeasurable, my heart is broken. Until we meet again Raven…Krystil Kincaid.”
How much time in Jail should this boxer who killed a mother of 4 and video taped it be given?
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