What do you think of #SaggyBoobsMatter?

In their latest feminist proletarian feature news piece, entitled "Does bralet boom spell the end of high-rise boobs?", BBC News cited as this woman as their primary source and loudest voice: Miss Chidera Eggerue, a Nigerian who goes braless and runs a Saggy Boobs Matter blog.
What do you think of #SaggyBoobsMatter?
In it, she says there's "more than one way to be beautiful" and "it's not about how perky your boobs are". "Impressing men isn't even a goal worth making," she says - urging women to have control and confidence in their natural appearance. "There is literally no wrong way to be a woman... nature doesn't recognize beauty standards," she says.

Eggerue says women should look to her and her "socially unacceptable" boobs for I-don't-give-a-damn inspiration. "I'm living my best life and my boobs aren't going to stop me ," she says. "Shout out to my boobs."

So, what do you make of Eggerue, #SaggyBoobsMatter, and the BBC's (along with The Guardian's) vocal efforts to give this movement social momentum? Do you agree with them, or disagree with them? And why?
I totally agree with them!
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What do you think of #SaggyBoobsMatter?
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