A question about politics. Does the media make things disappear?

The was a thread about Judy Munroe-Leighton. And the question was asked as to whether or not she would prosecuted? I chimed in and of course, like I do, provided my viewpoint. While, it is very convenient for those of a certain political persuasion that she lied about being raped by Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. No one seems to be concerned about prosecuting this elderly lady and bringing her to justice. I found it odd that she has not been brought up on charges. Nor has any of the politicians who were so concerned about her lies, even mentioned her since Kavanaugh has been confirmed. It would appear that her usefulness has expired. I don't think the media can stop an FBI investigation. Nor can it stop Senator Chuck Grassley from talking about pressing charges against Kavanugh's accusers.

This is disappearing, kind of like the "caravan". There just is no need to talk about it any longer. I can't help thinking about the wonders the next election will bring?

Weill any of the
Weill any of the "false" accusers be brought to justice? I think not.
Yes, the media stop reporting on different stories causing the public to become forgetful.
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Of course not. People who wish to make the voices heard over certain issues will find a way to get the media's attention.
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A question about politics. Does the media make things disappear?
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