What's your opinion of lab testing on animals?

Personally, I think it's okay. I would much rather a pig or rat suffer than an one month old baby. I know the point of we could just not test on them at all will come up but I think it's always going to be something that happens, even with companies who say they don't. You can't just mix stuff together and sell it without making sure it's safe.
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1 y
Why does everyone think I'm talking about makeup? I'm referring to shampoo and medicine and that stuff. You can't sit over there with your 5 pounds of makeup on and get mad at me for thinking animal testing is okay for medicine and those purposes but blame it on makeup.
1 y
And using human cells and those things would be fantastic and all but not everyone has thousands upon thousands to throw away just to test a single product. Not every company is huge, some are small family companies and that would drive them out of business.
What's your opinion of lab testing on animals?
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