Hero (BLACK FEMALE Security Guard) Stops Mass Shooter with AK-47. Where is U. S. National Mainstream-Media?


Firstly, kudos to the guard! She was level-headed, proficient, humane, and considerate, a role-model to all gun-owners.

Secondly, 2 things bother me here:
① Apparently, this happened days ago (at 12:40 A. M. New Years Eve) and national media in the U. S. still hasn't bothered to report this heroic incident. You would think they'd be quick to tout this achievement by a Black, female member of 2 legally-protected classes. Why did this not appear in the national headlines?

②Someone threatens a mass-shooting with an AK-47… and is out on bail? Seriously, what the—‽
  • Of course, it wasn't proclaimed across the land: It was just a person doing her job.
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  • Actually, it wasn't nationally reported becasue it goes against the narrative: The guns didn't lead to tragedy.
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  • That's too specific. The truth is more general: Bad news sells. Good news… just doesn't.
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  • No, it wasn't nationally reported because it's a minor incident in the middle of nowhere.
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  • Something else. (Please, explain.)
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  • 1. She doesn't look black.
    2. I wish she would have shot him in the head instead of the leg.
    3. She said that she's glad that he's alive, and has the opportunity to make wiser choices in the future. There's no way in hell he's ever going to change.
    4. The media didn't report it because of the color of the criminal.


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  • Interesting. This should certainly be more widely broadcast.

  • It's mass media. The worst kind of media. Why do you care what they report on?

  • Wait she's black?

  • Please walk outside.

    It might clear your mind.

  • dang. so a black dude was trying to commit a mass shooting. I saw on the news that it's only white guys that do mass shootings. No wonder the news isn't talking about this


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