Wtf Boeing and FAA, smh, what the actual F?

Look, firstly I’m upset on a personal level because of my backing an airline that used an all Boeing fleet. Ad because Airbus used to have widespread issues with certain models not allowing pilots to override control back to manual, no matter how hard the pilot yanked on the yoke.

The 787, Dreamliner was an A/C I waited on for 10 years. The plane was going to be a major improvement in cabin comfort for long haul flights l, most beneficially more humidity in the air. But then the battery incident happened with two 787’s right after launching the model.

That wasn't good by any means, but now this?

The handling and instruments were changed and correct for in flight automated control but pilots were not trained on how to manually fly this plane adequately enough for emergencies.

The thrust line has changed from the NG because the engines had to be moved forward and up to accomodate the larger fan diameter. Any handling differences as a result of this have been tuned out by Boeing in the flight control system to make the types feel the same to crew. This was necessary for certification under the same type certificate.

Since the placement of the engine on the fusalage were moved forward the nose tended to tilt up which was fixed with software but pilots were not trained on how the plane handles direently from other 737s.

How did this move through the FAA in test flights?

Beoing has forever lost my appreciation and respect. I was a fan girl, my point of pride on a 757 was to be able to recognize if the engine was a Rolls Royce or not.

RR blades produce a high pitch. I

Why is an ex Beoing exec leading the FAA and why did it take so long to make this no brained decision to ground the planes?
Wtf Boeing and FAA, smh, what the actual F?
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