Pro-choice or Pro-life?

What category do your beliefs fall under? The right to abortion or the right to life? Personally, I am Pro-choice. Feel free to list any reasons you lean towards one way or another.

Pro-choice or Pro-life?
Pro-choice or Pro-life?
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1 y
Pro-choice is being allowed to decide for yourself whether you want to have an abortion or not. Pro-life is taking away that right and you have to keep the child and pregnancy no matter what in most cases.
11 mo
Most of the arguments I'm seeing are aimed at women - to not have sex, to keep their legs shut, just dont get pregnant, etc. I can't see one argument where we are telling men to take responsibility for their actions or abstain from sex. It takes two to tango and the responses have been lacking in mens responsibilities in this case.
Pro-choice or Pro-life?
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