Do you think Area 51 is hiding advanced aircraft or UFO's?

I've recently watched the Joe Rogan Experience with Bob Lazar and my stance with UFO's in general has changed ever since I watched that podcast. Either Bob Lazar is speaking the truth or he is a really good con artist. Through out history, there's a lot of wacky shit that happend. Let's see...

- Iran Contra
- NSA Spying
- CoIntel Pro
- Operation Paperclip
- Operation Mockingbird where the CIA admitted to having subverted the mainstream media with over 400 of their own assets
- Operation Northwoods a declassified program that was to carry out a false flag attack against Americans to blame on Cuba including staged hijacking of commercial airplanes
- Watergate
- Whitewater
- The Tuskegee Experiment
- Project Popeye
- The Gulf of Tonkin which conned us into the Vietnam War
- Operation Gladio
- MK Ultra ( my favourite)
- FBI Admitted to Have Poisoned Alcohol During Prohibition Killing Thousands of Americans
- Project Monarch
- The Mena Drug Operation
- The Business Plot
- Lying about WMD's in Iraq
- The Staged Rescue of Jessica Lynch
- The "Babies out of the Incubator" Staged Confession
- Heart Attack Gun
- The USS Liberty Attack
- Operation Love Int
- Opeation MYSTIC
ALL we were told were just “crazy conspiracy theories”. We were mocked, made fun of, and ridiculed. However, we were RIGHT. Every single one of the aforementioned conspiracies turned out to be true as they’ve all been exposed and/or declassified. Oh but ain’t nobody got time for dat (as that meme goes), right? Especially if you have kids, right? I mean, it’s only the very future world your kids will grow up in and have to inherit as a result one day.
Do you think Area 51 is hiding advanced aircraft or UFO's?
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