Am I just being too sensitive?

There's this guy who has been messaging me recently and we're both seniors although we go to separate schools. I've told him I don't want to date and that I'm not interested in anyone right now - including him. He agreed and said the same for him and just kept messaging me so I assumed he wanted to just be friends. However, everytime I say a personal achievement of mine, he ups it with one of his own. I'm graduating early and it's a huge achievement for me because I actually dropped out for a while and I told him and suddenly we're talking about how he has enough credits to have graduated a year and a half ago. I tell him I'm looking at colleges but it's hard because I don't have a school counselor to help and he tells me he's already been accepted at two really good ones. He never says that what I'm doing is good or anything and he switches the topic so quickly and it's almost like he expects praise. I honestly just don't know if I'm being way sensitive or if he is just being rude or trying to impress me or something but it's really making me feel my personal milestones just aren't good enough. I'm trying as hard as I can with what I have and he just doesn't seem to care
Am I just being too sensitive?
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