USA done fuckt up? War with Iran?

USA appears to have done a missile strike on an Iraq airport killing a bunch of people including innocent people but more importantly top Iranian military leaders and top Iraqi militia commander who is supposed to be an ally to USA. This might just have been the biggest fuckup of my lifetime and this will start up the biggest shitshow you have ever seen.

At this point I dont see why anyone would be an ally with USA anymore, they clearly do not care and is not only happy to abandon you in your time of need such as with the Kurds in Syria or even bomb your top military leaders with missiles. I can't see USA coming back from this, truly. This will spark war and USA is on the wrong side of this conflict.

So what do you think will happen? My money is on USA getting a bloody nose and losing its super power status to China.
USA done fuckt up? War with Iran?
USA done fuckt up? War with Iran?
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