Thought about the Corona virus?

I call bio terrorism. Its funny how wveryone is making memes about this. Today 90 000 people have been documented, people infected with the virus. I personally believe its population and biotechnology. The chinese are everywhere. Takimg over the world. Than this hits. Its said to have been spread by bats. However at the apparent said restaurant where this new strain was first encountered. No bats were being served (but they are chinese after all). What are your thoughts about it. Oh and how does it kill you?
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Look at it this way. The virus is easily contracted but it doesn't harm the young people. It is however, extremely fatal to the older generation.. the chinese population is insanely large and growing. Losing 40percent of them will benefit the world and their economy largely. I know that, that sounds cruel to say but its true. At this rate china could own the world. Its just very suspicious, thats all im saying.
Thought about the Corona virus?
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