Is it ok to call out color/race/culture in the media?

I've noticed in news reports, peoples color or culture is often not called out and often ignored. That's true of black, white, muslim, chinese. Seems like news no longer supports it unless it is a heavily leaning media outlet like Fox.

It's a general impression, especially true of NBC.
For example... a bunch of people were caught with child porn at Disney.

Do you think it is ok to call out race/color as an element of identification? Or is it unnecessary, not helpful or not beneficial?

I think there is some benefit to tracking this. For example, a large number of human traffickers (pimps) appear to be "black" or hispanic or white. They are not indian or chinese usually. It takes a horrible mind to kidnap and abuse a child into prostitution, for money. A lot of the abusers of children, seem to be white. Is there a pattern, should we know that? A lot of mass shooters are white.

I'm not offended when someone says someone of my race was involved in a crime. What's offensive is associating me with the offense, that's wrong, that be racism... not pointing out someones race. Shouldn't we be motivated to address the flaws that exist in our own cultures/communities?
Race can/should be called out in the media, it's ok
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3 mo
An example just in the news.

There's been quite a few "black" on jewish/etc.. crimes in NYC of late in the news. I suspect the underlying problem is the policies of the government putting pressure on this sub group as they are pushed from Harlem north into the Bronx. If they can actually embrace the problem, maybe they can fix it. Ignoring that there is an underhanded policy of gentrification to push people out, which results
3 mo
in an increase of crime, is... their choice.. and unfortunate for all. It's all a theory, not fact.
A lot of kids turn up missing in NYC...

Mayor says he's horrified at the attacks. I agree, but is he horrified of the gentrification? Or whatever is leading to this issue?

I met someone recently (black woman) who spoke of the issue... it seems obvious. People need to open up and talk and communicate and solve the problems...
Is it ok to call out color/race/culture in the media?
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