What does bleach do to a fuel tank?

So i have one of those red gas tank containers. I used it to store bleach. Because the container I had for bleach, the nozzle where it comes out had a large crack down the side, and I wasn’t able to pour any (not to mention that a lot of it would spill out when the crack initially happened.

Well anyway, I keep those kind of cleaning supplies outside. I have a patio on the side of my house. That’s where I keep the cleaning supplies. I do have a locked gate. But today, I saw the neighborhood teenager using the container to fill his gas tank and then he threw my red container over the fence. It was empty.

There was only about 8-10 ounces of bleach in there. Is that bad? Like is anything bad gonna happen to his car?
I’m gonna have a talk with his mom when she gets home.
What does bleach do to a fuel tank?
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