Are people not worried about corona crazy minded?

As of now but you dont know how dangerous corona is or when a vaccine is coming. Even if it's not deadly as of now, it can get worse and develop symptoms to make it more lethal. Thing is people like having a mentality that there shouldn't be people worrying, but corona virus isn't a age thing, it's a immunity system thing.

Europe already had the same mentality of it just being a flu and now there's people in their 30s dying from it, a lady tweeted that it shouldn't be treated as a flu and most places in Europe are quaranteened.

Might as well stop with the bullshit and actually take more precautions.

Once u get a cold or some disease and corona that's easily spreadable kicks in, u might want to reconsider your "only kills elderly statements"
Are people not worried about corona crazy minded?
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