Why should people stop the Corona virus panick?

The Corona virus is overrated but many people don't realize it because of the news.


1. The mortality rate is low. Yes, some people die from it, but it is usually old people and they are at higher risk of dying from influenza or other diseases too. People with healthy immune systems will go through it like they go through a flu.

2. The consequences of the public being panicked are overall worse than the virus itself. This affects everyone. It doesn't matter if you were going to get the virus or not, you now need to deal with the side effects of people acting like the end of the world is coming...

3. You should stay clean and keep things clean anyway. People should wash their hands regularly, clean public transport and respect personal space always, not just when there is a minor disease spreading.

4. The media doesn't have your best interest, they just care about what brings them money.

5. There are other diseases that were far more dangerous that weren't so much on the news, so you probably didn't notice them that much. More people die from influenza, even though we have a cure to it... that should say everything.

6. There are people who have the virus without getting in contact with anyone infected. This means the virus may not be active on anyone, so there could be way more people than we even know. So the virus is not so dangerous. We have that mortality rate for the people that have been reported to be infected but the real number can't be known. So, the mortality may be actually lower.

So, yes, wash your hands, stay away from infected people, but apply that not just now that the Corona virus happened, but always. And no, there is no end of the world coming because of this virus, so you don't need to get supplies, the school don't need to be canceled, the cities shouldn't be closed.
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Yes, I live in Europe and I hate how the media created this panick. The schools are already closed and people are emptying the shops to make supplies in my country and I don't want it to go further. Yes, let people who are sick or at higher risk of dying stay isolated, but leave the rest of us alone. There is no valid reason right panick and shut everything down.
Why should people stop the Corona virus panick?
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