Does corvid-19 really exist?

If I was a politician wanting a distraction I'd orchestrate something to draw the medias attention. Here in UK we've just left the EU yet all talk of what the government has planned has suddenly disappeared under all the coronavirus stories. I can't help feeling that's just a little convenient. pasta shortage, result of brexit or coronavirus? Now politicians worldwide all have their little policies and amendments they'd love to slip through unnoticed. Are we going to find that Trump has past a law that everyone has to have his haircut or all newborns are to be named Donald. Hell that UFO that landed in London and abducted the queen hardly made the news.
Yes corvid19 is a global government conspiracy to distract the public.
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Corvid19 is real only those with shelters made from toilet rolls will survive
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Corvid19 is real and governments are happy to exploit the distraction
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Politicians haven't the intelligence to orchestrate something like this it has to be some evil secret society
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1 y
Yes I know I've done a oopsie and spelt it corvid as in crows, rooks, jackdaw etc. Force of habit.
Does corvid-19 really exist?
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