What this virus is teaching the entire Planet Earth?

What this virus is teaching the entire Planet Earth?
What this virus is teaching the entire planet? The Earth is teaching everyone, that we have to take care of each other, that we are not as strong as we may think, we are now vulnerable regardless of age, gender and race, be less selfish, self absorbed, more humble, that we need to take care of nature and ourselves as a TEAM. The strongest people out there are also vulnerable to this crisis that does nto respect race, age, gender or social status.(rich or poor) We are all vulnerable.

The Earth is teaching us that we need to stop wars ( we dont need them only the ones who profit from wars are the ones who they may believe need them and the rest of the people do not care for the ones who profit from i as long they receive money from it). Wars only bring more pain, death and suffering for EVERYONE involved.

The Earth is teaching us it is time we stop polluting Her (pollution, trash, garbage everywhere, climate change, etc)

The Earth is teaching us that only fighting together in each country we can overcome this. We each of us need to collaborate in our homes, neighborhoods, cities, as a TEAM and take care of the ones who are more fragile and ill.

It is unbelievable how the Earth now is having like a fresh air from us: the humans, the cities, streets, as now they are like ghost town noone outside (no pollution, no contamination) I had seen some photos of some citiy ( I dont know which country) and the photos are of streets completely clear and empty, like the Earth on its own is breathing some fresh air finally.

The heroes of this pandemic are the ones working 24/7 at the hospitals and clinics (doctors, nurses and other people in the health profession) , risking their own lives and their own family lives and their own health for others. Trying to figure it out a cure or to take care of the patients. So try to believe in your social and health system in your respective countries if you do think they are doing a good job.
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The Earth is teaching us taht we need to make our Economies strong in order to solve crisis like this and always have resources available for situations like this.

I mean who will believe that due to this criss businesses need to close (bars, restaurants, etc for unlimited time. People can't go out in masses , travel business (may result in bad economy later on in time) are the ones suffering the most, health system also. Everything that produces money are suffering from this virus.
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Also who will had believed that this virus had made all planet earth citizens to be locked down in our respective houses and go out the least possible.

I hope this crisis passes eventually and that this virus will taught EVERYONE the need to take care of EACH OTHER regardless where you come from and make changes in each country to make this world a better place.
What this virus is teaching the entire Planet Earth?
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