Where do you think the corona virus originated?

I got sources which I'm not at liberty to discuss who said this, but it didn't originate in China. It was made designed and manufactured out in California (silicon valley) with help from the military, a pharmaceutical company (the person didn't disclose to me which especially since I don't have that kind of security clearance and not high enough in the ranks to know) and a research design team, and some other undisclosed tech companies (again I wasn't told names of any corporations or companies involved) but from what I was told after the virus was made it was shipped to China so it could travel throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. It was transported to China both in secured metal sealed containers (kind of like the ones you see in movies) and in the blood of a person who went to China (basically he got injected with the virus to spread as a safety precaution in case something were to happen in the sealed case with the virus inside of it) as well to "secure" the virus that was in the metal sealed containers. This was due to the trade war with Trump as a retaliation factor for China not meeting the US demands. It was ordered by the dod (department of defense) and by high ranking officials in the federal trade commission. The dod overlooked this whole operation. The virus was done after the trade war with China and the Chinese tariffs were in effect so they would give in to the demands of the US government. This corona virus would also be used as a "scapegoat" for when the stock market recession of 2020 would hit. The stock market was highly oversaturated and every 10+ years the market needs to make a correction which it currently is doing.
Where do you think the corona virus originated?
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