Thoughts On Trump's Attempt To Buy COVID-19 Vaccine?


Read the news story for yourself.

Long story short, Trump attempted to buy the vaccine for $1bn and what really pissed me off was when he stated it'd be: “only for the United States”.

Firstly, Trump supporters around the world who aren't American this is how much you mean to Trump.

Secondly, I think it's absolutely outrageous. American lives aren't worth more than any other lives, we're all equal here.

Watch his supporters still be like: "No He DiDn'T mEaN iT lIkE tHaT"

I can't wait to see how they're gonna defend this one. Had Obama been doing all this y'all would've been outraged just like Fox News was during the Ebola outbreak with 11 cases and 2 in the USA deaths compared to COVID-19 with 3,487 cases so far and 68 deaths. Lol it's as if Trump supporters are conditioned what to think by Fox News.
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Hey worldscollide who blocked me: " two senior American officials said that some of the German news accounts first reporting the story were overblown" - Of course they will claim it's overblown, they're American officials and they're not going to want to make America or the President look bad. If the claims were "overblown" why aren't they telling us what was supposedly actually said?
Thoughts On Trump's Attempt To Buy COVID-19 Vaccine?
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