Should we take Far-Left Extremism on G@G seriously?

I've been having a discussion with a user on G@G recently. We're both users with very conflicting beliefs and I was arguing my points against her providing her with facts backed by common sense regarding her and her open border, free everything for everyone at the cost of legal citizens' beliefs.

We all may take it lightly when the alt left say stuff like this, but that's how it starts them saying stuff like this online or via text just like the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock did. He said disgusting things online too, and when he said it, people probably turned a blind eye and some probably thought it was his freedom of speech to say so. But look where that lead to. The Las Vegas shooting.

My point is, when people say stuff like this, we SHOULD NOT take it lightly, we need to nip it in the bud now and report it to the authorities before something upsetting and tragic like the Las Vegas shooting happens again. We need to add another amendment to The Constitution banning free speech and arrest ANYONE who says something even a little controversial online so that a tragedy like this will NEVER happen again.
Should we take Far-Left Extremism on G@G seriously?
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