Do you believe people are taking this Corona Virus lightly all over the world?

And they believe is not really a serious thing, not even seeing examples how deadly and lethal the virus had been in China, Spain, Italy and now in the US? This not the common cold people thought it was going to be.

Do you think people are really stubborn and give a ratz so they are not following the guidelines of the Health World Organization or the guidelines the Heatlh authorities in and the sme government each respective countries in order for the virus not to continue spreading unnecessary?

I mean these people is like is not with them and "that virus will never hit me" so they do nto care abotu following any authority? I mean maybe when someone close to them will be suffering from this virus maybe they will listen? Why wait for that to happen to listen to people? I dont get it. Why there are people like this young and adults? In the country I live in the government authorities had told country to stay home, do go to crowded places, avoid contact, some listen sure, but ther are others who give a ratz and the ones who are following orders and are healthy now could die by the stupidity and arrogance of others.
Yesterdya where I live the main highway that goes to the Pacific were crowded with cars like they were going on vacations like at 3pm and in other cities had been seen many cars parked on the road as people are going shopping in small stores, like the situation is not with them.
I hate those people.
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For those who still believe this virus only takes themost vulnerable, the elder, the ones with previous conditios, the diabetics, the oens who suffers from some heart problems or respiratory problems. Well I got news for you, this virus is nto discrimanitng anyone, not even the healthy ones. I jsut read in the internet taht a healthy young guy, who practiced sports, never smoke, and had no previous health conditions had died for this virus. SO yes ANYONE CAN GET INFECTED.
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That means someone else wher he was in a city or some travel he was at, infected this healthy young guy without him knowing or even he touched some surface where the virus was on for days, he could got it from there. SO yes anyone can get infected.
Do you believe people are taking this Corona Virus lightly all over the world?
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