Is it safe for me to go to my friend's house?

I've been quarantined in my house for a little bit now, im not sure how long exactly since every day just feels the same as the next. im only 14. I've been to walmart twice. i have an amazing immune system. my mom won't let me go anywhere because we live with my grandma. she almost 70 and has health issues. but, i have depression (not fake 'depression' but actual diagnosed depression. feels weird that i even need to clarify that but tumblr kids think depression is edgy and quirky now. so.) and i hate being alone. i guess im not technically alone, as im at home with my grandma, mom & brother, but i can only tolerate them for so long. i love them but family can get annoying... i dont even know why were "quarantined", since apparently you only need to quarantine if you been around other people (crowds). i haven't for a while, i went to walmart but barely anyone was there.

i just feel lonely and i feel super overwhelmed when im stuck in the same place. i dont even have my phone right now, im typing this on my laptop. i just rlly miss my friend and want to see her. mom says if i go to her house, my grandma could die. i get what she's saying, and she's right. exposing my grandma to the virus could increase the risk of her getting sick and dying, but she's really clean and basically just stays in her room all day. my friend is a clean freak and so are her parents, and thats just how they usually are. its probably worse now that there's this worldwide hysteria. i just think i should be allowed to go to my friend's house. I've been home with no friends to even speak to for a while now and i have no one to talk to.

i just think theyre being overdramatic. my grandma would be safer at her sister's house anyway, bc her sister never goes anywhere and is stocked up on stuff, and is also a clean freak. plus then gma wouldn't be around a nasty 7 year old, not to mention me and my really clean mom. they think i just dont want my gma around but thats not true, i just am dying to see my friend.
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Is it safe for me to go to my friend's house?
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