Where did Coronavirus (COVID-19) come from?

Trump calls COVID-19 the 'China Virus'. That's CRAP! I know that's wrong! So where did it originate?
I have no idea!/ it evolved naturally from other viruses!
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It was created and/or started in China
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It was created in America
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It was created in Russia
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It was created elsewhere
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It started in France
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I don't know or care! / show me the results
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I have a friend who works in Big Pharma (an international company with tens of thousands of employees), and according to her many virologists and researchers COVID-19 is a bioweaponized Coronavirus, that began with this:https://www. express. co. uk/news/world/1234777/coronavirus-wuhan-lab-military-bio-warfare-virus-spread/amphttps://www. the-scientist. com/news-opinion/questions-surround-canadian-shipment-of-deadly-viruses-to-china-66254/amp
Where did Coronavirus (COVID-19) come from?
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