How the COVID-19 curve had been in your respectives countries so far?

How the COVID-19 curve had been in your respectives countries so far?
Had it increased in the last 2 weeks or had it flattened? If it had been flattened Are your governments alreyd changing new guidelines so slowly and progressively could authorize to re-open some (not all) business and alos slolwy lifting the lock down but with new rules?

In the country I live the curve had been decreased in the last week. These are our country┬┤s numbers as today after 45 days of the virus in our country. Note: Our country has more or less 5 million citizens.

12.467 samples processed
8.214 cases had been discarded
693 positive cases
13 patients are in hospitals
7 patients (out of those 13 in hospitals) are in a Intensive Care Unit.
6 deaths
242 recovered patients

So far we believe our Health Department and our Government are doing a pretty good job in handling the pandemic in our country and I heard that the way we had worked to deal with this pandemic had been set as an example to other countries I heard.

, The numbers are pretty somewhat low in comparison to other countries. Citizens are following the hygiene protocols out and inside the houses even if we are not in 100% total lockdown, some business (like food, transportation, and emergency bsuinesses) are still open but only to 50% and following the hygiene protocols as well. In regards of transportation, our government in the last month had implemented also some restrictions for the cars to commute and citizens had pay attention but others as usual have not so they get fined with hefty amount.

But like everything there are people who give a ratz and do not pay attention and do not like to follow guidelines or restrictions as it had happened.

So maybe this Monday our Health Deparment and our country s president will give new guidelines to follow and authorize in order to start re-opening businesses again (not all business of course, as some will be still closed and with restrictions). But it will be done slowly
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and progressively not all at the same time otherwise the curve could raise in a matter of few days. The only thing I believe people all over the world will not get used to so fast is the social distancing, the hugs and kisses to your friends and love ones, the affection signs. That who knows until when it is safe to do it so, maybe until next year. I can't imagine a couple, dating and no hugs, no holding hands, social distancing of 2 mts r, no kisses and probably not even sex
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either, cause in sex you kiss, hug touch and even sweat I wonder if those things will be a reason to break up between couples or make them stronger as they have to hold that urge for months and months. Imagine going to a party and not been able to dance close to each other, or going to a restaurant or a concert or a sport event and be apart from the person wearing masks, people will have to be very distant from each other. Could people be able to put up for a long time? What do u think?
How the COVID-19 curve had been in your respectives countries so far?
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