Is this real and true about UFOS visiting Earth this 2020?

Im just posting here what I jstu read in the internet. I read that the Pentagon finally acknowledge and confirmed the presence of UFOS on Earth as they reveal 3 videos about them in diffrent cities and this 2020 is the year Aliens will visit the Earth.

ANy of you heard these news about it?

I guess the year 2020 had been a very apocalyptic year so far. First Corona Virus now UFOS?

Had anyone know or read something about why 2020 had been so unusual for the planet? What is in the year 2020 , what does the number really say about it? End of a cycle, the beginning of a new Earth cycle, the begining of catastrophic things that will continue to happen and we are just in May for Planet Earth and noone is safe?

I mean if that is the case, there is no reason then to enjoy life , make plans for the future cause there won't be any good or nice future for anyone in the world. so cancel all your future plans, like trips, , start anew job, start a family, start a new career, start a new relationship, cause we will die this year or our love ones will die too. Im just saying or assuming. I mean what I just say could not be true of course but 1. Corona Virus, nd now Aliens will actual visit us as the Pentagon had officially recognize their existence. Im jsut saying what I just read. What else will happen this deadly 2020? Disastrous floods, volcanoes, erupting, earthquakes, hurricanes other new viruses or pandemic. Wit this scenario geez I better stay home with my mom and j just wait for my demise and I better cancel all my plans and resolutions I had for this year,

. Or this is jsut an attempt to scare people for real. I was talking to a friend who do beleive Aliens and aliens civilizations, and mantra, and re encarnations, and apocalypsis, and told me aliens will visit us this year and he said this to me "We have to be prepared beause they will actually visit us, Im preparing now" he unquoted. So far this had been really an apocalyptic year.
Is this real and true about UFOS visiting Earth this 2020?
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