Are you still in lockdown in your respective countries or not?

Total or half?

If you are working from home still. Are you doing things at home that you never thought you were going to do as before the virus you barely had time to do it and you had been postponing it for a long time, but now since you are at home and with more free time now you finally are doing it. such as a house project or something else.

I been unemployend since November beause back in November I was fired, still I have no job and I have no coming income for me but I have some savings at the bank that I barely are using them as Im not going out socially not even out shopping, so now my only expense I have is to pay monthly my phone bill that is the only expense I have now. I dont have car or house debts as I dont even own a car and I live with my mom and brother at the same house.

The thing is that since I been unemployed I decided that I have more free time than ever so I decided to clean up, dust and put in order the l2 iving room furniture, and cabinet furnitre getting rid of things that my mom use to keep for more than 25 years with no use. I still have not finioshed it and I strted like 2 months agol this is because one thing lead to the other, when I was kind of finsihing dusting and everything was a bit in order my brother says why dont we take advantange and paint the kitchen walls and get rid of the old tapestry that it has., we have some cash remaining from 2 months ago My kitchen old tapestry was there like 30 years old and the cement walls had mold and fungus already from the house humidity so in appearence the kitchen looked terrible even for visitors.

So we decided to this house project and that is what we are doing it now to pain the kitchen buy new laps that goes with the kitchen new look. The cleaning deep and trhoughtly of the 2 living rooms at home and one dining room ¿ and the painting of the kitchen were projects that at the house were never done due to we never had time to really do it before the quarantine
1 y
and those projects hjad like more than 15 years in the making. As I was working before really did nto have time to cleanin throughly the living room as the cleaning lady never clean it throughly just on the surface. I even clean throughly and old piano from inside and it had spider webs, hehe!! like more 15 years with no cleaning from the inside, my brother had other things to do, that refrain this project to finally get it done, until now that in this lockdwon we were able to do it cause we
1 y
had plenty of free time at home. The only thing that I stopped doing it due to this lockdown is working out. I haven nto even working out from home any day. Cause this personal project of dusting and cleaning the house really takes a lot of time to do it throughly and deeply. and it has taken me like 4 months to do it and I haven't finished it cause now by painting the kitchne it is getting dirtier and dustier the house. My hosue is not that big but it has many many things to clean and dispose
Are you still in lockdown in your respective countries or not?
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