Is this for real regarding the virus in the US?

I mean I was watching the news earlier and I found terrible news about it that lately cases had been increasing a lot in many states again and again people are going back to lockdowns and quarantines. I even heard taht hospitals are full already and colapsing and I evenr heard that there are even hospitals beds in allyes or even in bathrooms cause there are no more space for ICU patients, this is really frightening to read and know.

What is going on why again cases are spreading and this time rapdidly in a matter of weeks or days? I heard that the cases are increasing not because people gathering at bars or restaurants, the cases are developing more in home gatherings with many people inside. So the reason for lockdowns now. That is what I read somewhere.

And if cases are increasing this rapidly why the heck US borders are still open for tourists who are flying to the US? Im just asking.

Im dont live in the US butu I read about the news earlier.
Is this for real regarding the virus in the US?
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