How Do You Feel About the Nevada Judge's Decision to Throw Out Yet Another Trump Election Fraud Case?

A District Court judge in Carson City on Friday ruled against an attempt by President Donald Trump’s campaign to overturn Nevada’s presidential election results, saying there was insufficient evidence to support fraud accusations.

Judge James Russell issued his order after hearing several hours of argument from attorneys representing both Trump and President-elect Joe Biden’s campaigns on Thursday.

Trump’s campaign echoed the president’s own calls of voter fraud and alleged that Clark County election staff failed to address 40,000 cases of double voting and thousands more illegal votes from the deceased or voters who do not live in Nevada.

Democrats argued the challenge did not identify a single voter who allegedly committed fraud, nor did it provide any other evidence to warrant overturning the will of the majority of Nevada’s 1.4 million voters.

The election “contest,” or challenge, was filed last month by Trump’s proposed presidential electors against Biden’s six electors, who have since been confirmed as Nevada’s representatives to the Electoral College. The college meets on Dec. 14 to formally vote for the next president.

Nevada certified its election results last week, naming Biden the state winner by 33,596 votes.

The election contest is likely to be appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court. States have until Tuesday to settle any election-related lawsuits.

Trump’s campaign is attempting similar legal action in other battleground states across the country, but no judge has yet overturned any state’s presidential contest in his favor.

-Rory Appleton, Las Vegas Review-Journal
It was the correct decision! :)
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It was a bad decision. You shouldn't need to provide actual evidence in a court of law. If Trump says there was fraud, we should blindly believe him. Sure, Trump is a habitual liar. But what the judge did is simply inexcusable. :(
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How Do You Feel About the Nevada Judge's Decision to Throw Out Yet Another Trump Election Fraud Case?
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