Do you have traffic restrictions for the pandemic in your country?

Like ypu are not supposed to drive a certain hours a day cause the cases are getting terrible during holidays? So they are restricting the freedom in order for people not get out and stay in in their houses?
Where I live in Costa Rica yes. People are just dissobeying and they are behaving like this is not real cause streets in downtown are filled with people holiday shopping.

People gathering with friends outside their family bubble. Some people is not making distance either. They forgot the virus still is here or simply give a ratz.

SO for those who are not being responsible or obedient, the whole country is paying the consequences. So the government issued a guideline to restrict freedom when u use your car until January 3rd. That means less people on the streets and people not able to take vacations out of their houses cause they can't use the car with liberty. So the order goes fromDec 24 and January. So no cars allowed after 10pm. Only emergencies. So that means Christmas eve dinner will have to come very early that day before 10pm.

And not only that but also another restriction is added to that one. Not only you can't drive your car sfter 10pm but also depending on your license plate number you are not allow to drive your car a particular day of the week. Also our government has not allowed private taxis to function such a UBER services either. Only legal taxis are allowed to work even if they are more expensive than the UBER.

Do you think that is too much or is ok?
Do you have traffic restrictions for the pandemic in your country?
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