How to deal with jealousy?

I have this classmate and she's hated me since the first day of school I don’t entertain her rude remarks. She’s basically a pick me girl. She downplays other women like crazy. She’s also full of herself; today I asked my teacher if one of her students were vaccinated because they’ve been out a lot and if you’re unvaccinated at my school you have to stay home for 7 days. She started screaming at me. And I wasn’t even talking to her. Then after that she said she didn’t want to sit beside me. To make a long story even longer her and her guy friend kept staring and talking about me. She hates when I ignore her too 😭. Honestly she needs a good punch in the face. But at the same time I feel like she isn’t worth it.
How to deal with jealousy?
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