Musings about masks

Masks are symbolic of being gagged, bound, silenced and controlled. They are obviously bondage and discipline accessories. But there...

Covid-19: Not an evil plot. A rebuttle to another mytake

Is Covid-19 part of an evil plot? Was it created or genetically altered in a lab? Is it a bio weapon? Is there a cure, offered only to...

My latest visit to the hospital, taking my daughter there with a fever.

So I notice a lot of opinions on here are about what the US should be doing, our government, so on and so forth. I'm setting out to...

The Circus of COVID-19 & the Parasitic Media. How a Bad Case of Viral Pneumonia Became The "Apocalypse" & The Worse Thing Coming Isn't the Virus

Ninety-Nine Percent of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says (link, bottom of page) I've said to a few of you before...

Social Distancing in the Corona Virus Apocalypse

There is nothing that anyone on this earth has simultaneously experienced on a global level aside from this pandemic. We've had other...

Great Corona day

Today I had a great day. My boss called me at 9:30 and said we're in lockdown. Everybody's staying at home until further notice but this...

How did corona virus spread from China to Usa?

We live in the age of technology, they should have known about this and stopped all the flights abroad. Any ideas?

Did you know this breaking news?

President Trump tested Postive for COV19. He lock down. In the white house. Please pray for him. What do you think here? I for one did...

Donald and Melania Trump have the virus?

What do y’all think? It’s funny how he was accusing Biden got looking dumb wearing his 24/7 but he catches the virus and he barely wears...

President Trump and the first lady both tested positive for Covid. What are the chances this is legit and not a political ploy?

I'm surprised. I was fully expecting the Biden campaign to seek a boost by claiming infection first

Did you realize Trump was obese prior to the COVID19 situation?

I didn't realize he was obese until he got COVID19 and people mentioned his obesity as putting him at risk for complications. If his...

Mars and the moon will come together in the sky tonight (October 2nd) at 11:45 EST. Will you be Marsgazing tonight?

Who Do You Feel Most Sorry For, Trump or the Virus?

So of course Donald "the virus is a hoax" Trump caught COVID-19. I guess he won't be teasing people about wearing masks now. OK, we all...

What you love to play?

I want to know what your fav game and why also why think that game is best game

Is Chrissy Teigen milking this tragedy (pun unintended)?

Celebs get money and jobs based on good PR. They’re releasing designed media posts when they’re supposed to be “recovering”. Or am I...

Breaking too many relationship taboos?

He is 8 years younger than me. We are colleagues. I (female) am very much more senior than he is in the company. He earns half of...

Seriously, Cops?

Are they trying to incite more riots? It’s their fault now. Pushing a bike over injured protester’s neck. Jesus Christ.

Do news outlets get guest speakers to lie in order to help them with their agenda?

I'm talking whether this news is conservative or liberal, doesn't matter which side

No one believes the “Racehorse Theory”, right?

Trump believes in Eugenics apparently. Anyone else?