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Should Kyrie sellout and get the Vaccine?
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In Loudon County, Virginia a boy in a skirt raped a classmate in the girls restroom. Why is the school board and social media hiding this?

Actually the "person with a penis" raped two girls in two different incidents. Where are the feminists. I guess "being woke" means we don't protect our high school girls.
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Do you think extreme, misogynist incels are helping to hide Brian Laundrie?

An FBI manhunt for Gabby Peitio's boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, continues as the 23-year-old returned to his parents' home in North Port, Florida, on September 1, but left ten days later and has not been seen since. Gabby...
An FBI manhunt for Gabby Peitio's boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, continues as the 23-year-old returned to his parents' home in North Port, Florida, on September 1, but left ten days later Show More
I have always thought that was what is happening
I didn't until now
No, I don't believe it
I am an extreme, misogynist incel and yes, Brian is with me now. You will never find us.
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Why is there STILL no one talking about Afghanistan right now?

Did the people even get out? Are the people still stranded there? WHO KNOWS? I can find almost nothing regarding recent news about the abandoned coming home, in the media, and this happened back in August! That's how much...
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Yes, It Really is as You’ve Been Informed about How Bad It Now is in Australia.

This is for all of you who have recently been wondering, “What the hell is going on down there?”, in the nation within the map above. The rumours you may have heard, along with many news reports, have recently portrayed...
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What is the Origin and Meaning of "The Woke Movement"?

I am Hearing this More and More every Day on the News and on Social Media. xx
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Pastor (demon) inappropriately touched a 9 year old boy at a bus stop and received his well deserved butt whoppin by the boy's father. Thoughts?

The Bible warns of these demons on how they infiltrate the religion to cause harm.
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Gender Differences in Covid Mortality Rates & Vaccine Adverse Reactions: An Explanation

Okay. I was doing some research on covid and vaccines and whatnot, and came across a couple of interesting points I hadn't read before. You might find it interesting too? Let me see if I can summarize this so that it's...
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Mohammed Noor could be getting a reduced sentence. How is this justice?

This is my fourth thread following this case. A couple of years ago, I posted about a Mohammed Noor. A Minnesota poiceman who killed a dual a woman while responding to a call in 2017. Welll, the Minnesota Supreme court...
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Can a black man like Larry Elder be a "white supremacist"? I don't live in California and I think it'll be a far-left Liberal Sh*thole, no matter who's in charge. But this question is for you guys. Can a black man, who happens to be a...
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Do You Support the Release of RFK's Assassin, Sirhan Sirhan? RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan gets parole on 16th attempt (CNN) Sirhan Sirhan, the man convicted of assassinating Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, was recommended for parole on...
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Do you realize why Afghanistan and Taliban is so important to China?

Its gonna be the new middle east once EVs take over.
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The Injustice of Beauty: A Warning About the Hazardous Chemicals in the Health & Personal Care Products You Use Everyday

A Little About My History So, like many people, I have allergies. I may have had them all my life, but it wasn't until I really pursued getting medical treatment, that I eventually discovered that many of my 'colds' I had...
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Victoria Secret karen melt down. Thoughts?

Here is the full video, you can get all you need out of it within the first couple minutes. Personally, I think that lady is crazy! XD The way she lays on the ground and has a...
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What do you think of this trending news?
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RIP Mike Gravel, the anti-war senator from AK has died at 81?

For those who don't know who Gravel is, he was a anti-war Senator from AK who wasn't afraid to call out warmongers to their face.
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