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Did someone Just Catch Voter Fraud LIVE?

Please take this video with a grain of salt. It is more of a REPORT than a NEWS piece. Please enlighten me as to why this couldn't be voter fraud. I am legit open to any information.
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Do you think the recent claims by Trump about Hunter Biden are true? Many have pointed to the fact that many social media sites have been so eager to cover up the allegation and used that as evidence for its' authenticity. But ever stop to think...
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Trump leaves hospital, goes to WH with COVID, (meaning, Trump's mission is to infect all WH personal because Putin ordered him to), prove me wrong? Come on you "QAnon" trumpster dumb-shits, I'm talking your language now!
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Where were you when you heard and seen this verdict (25 years ago today)? . . In the matter of the people of the State of California versus Orenthal James Simpson, case number BA097211, we the jury in the above entitled action...
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Do you believe Trump did, or did not, condemn white supremacists yesterday?

Social media and liberal news sites are saying Trump wasn't willing to condemn white supremacists. Here's the video: He said "sure, I'm willing to do that, but almost everything...
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Three Things To Remember When The Democrats Start Whining About President Trump's Supreme Court Appointment

RIP Ruth Ginsburg bla bla bla... 1. Ginsburg was asked by Democrats to step down when Obama was in office so they could ensure she would be replaced by another liberal. She refused. So now President Trump gets to pick a...
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What are your thoughts on the Kenosha Gunman shooting at protesters? this kid has turned up and shot two protesters. He shot one of them while being attacked as you can see in this video.
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Seriously, can a Trumpist name one thing they like?

Seems like it’s just emotional.
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Are there any wildfires by where you live?

Here in Boulder, CO we can't see the mountains because of all the smoke.
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