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i'm pretty cool. i know how to have fun and how to get work done!! i am also pretty cool in my own way. i am well-rounded (not meaning i am fat either! XD) i am good at everything (not meaning to brag or anything)

i don't do much... i am in no after school activity. i live on a farm though... not that i like it but i don't mind either. i like to look at the stars at night. i am sort of an outdoors type of person.

i also like to read. as long as its a good book and a fantasy book. <- major fan of fantasy. (if you call me a twilight fan i will throttle you!!!)

right now i am writing my own book. i have already wirtten two books. i only have to revise them and then try to publish them.

im also fun to be around. i know how to have fun. really, i do!! but i think im a clutz and thats why my friends hang around me.... i run into walls and moving doors!!! -laughs-

i also love playing video games! i'm good (if i do say myself) and all that! my fave would have to be .... halo. i love defeating the aliens! so cool... -smiles-
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