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Relationship: Separated

I am smart, athletic and enjoy studying, reading book, biking, running, seeing movies, hanging out with friends, etc. I do enjoy challenges, but there is a point where if I don't succeed at soemthing, the challenge becomes ridiculous. I almost never give up, always end on a high note, always finish strong and give everything in life all I've got to give. I just graduated from high school, but have not had a relationship with someone in those four years. I just have a lot of good friends. To be honest, finding someone who is to be more than just a friend is extremely hard, a challenge in itself, because sometimes people are hard to trust. Even the most naive, innocent person can fall to temptation or betrayal, of which I have experienced both. There is a girl I am really good friends with, but there is no relationship there, other than really good friends. Our priporities are just not to have one yet, because there are more important things in life. First, continue school in college, and while we are doing that, we might as well be having as much fun as possible. Then, make sure a future relationship will be stable and strong by getting and maintaining a good job. Everything else is history. Live and love living is my motto.
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