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How does the grading system work in your country?

In your country, how does the grading (marking) system work in schools and universities? Is it a letter system or a number system? What's the lowest and what's the highest grade? What is a passing grade? And what kind of grades are usually viewed as good? Are there any differences between grades... Society & Politics

Why are some right-wing guys so fanatically obsessed with masculinity?

I don't get it. Let me give you an example: for the sake of argument, let's say that I'm not a "real man" according to your completely arbitrary standards. Now, I don't think that's correct; I definitely feel manly enough... but let's just assume it. Let's say I'm a bit effeminate. Okay... so...... Society & Politics

Isn't it hilariously ironic how right-wing snowflakes are losing their temper over a couple of girls in a boy's club?

I've always thought the rightists were all about giving zero fucks about identity politics, being totally chill, being against snowflakes who demand safe spaces. And all it took to demonstrate their unbearable hypocrisy is an organization that is completely irrelevant to American politics... Society & Politics

Whose country's name do you find particularly pretty?

And maybe as a follow-up: is there a city (maybe a capital) that you think has a very pleasantly sounding name? For me, it's Sierra Leone. A relatively small country in western Africa. I really love that name :-). Society & Politics

Should California become an independent Republic?

I know it's legally impossible (or at least nearly impossible) but let's talk about it nonetheless. Californians don't really like the rest of the US and the rest of the US doesn't really like Cali. California puts in more money than it gets back from the federal government and it is probably... Society & Politics

Be honest, don't cheat - How many of these countries' leaders do you know by heart?

Don't look it up on Wikipedia and try to answer before looking at other people's answers. Do you know the names of these countries' presidents/prime ministers/dictators etc? 1. USA 2. Canada 3. UK 4. France 5. Germany 6. Mexico 7. Italy 8. Netherlands 9. Japan 10. China 11. Australia 12. Brazil... Society & Politics

Have you ever been in your country's government building (parliament)?

I have been three times because I'm a bit of a politics buff ;-). The first two times was with two different friends, back when we were teenagers. The third time I went with my girlfriend because she's a foreigner and I thought it might be interesting for her. They have small group tours almost... Society & Politics

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