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I guess you would say im pretty much a small town southern girl and 100% Texan til i die (pretty average around here) Im a college freshmen; im chilled during the day but i basicly own the parties i go to. i always look for something to entertain me, (movies,music,muddin,lifting,ect.) and lov LMAO. Because of my dirty mind and mouth, i get along w/ most guys (and i cant stand the drama other girls create) I got thick dirty blond hair, green eyes, and a curvy plus size figure, w/ big boobs and a relaxed personality. You prolly couldnt change my mind for the world and im not affraid to speak wat i think if you piss me off lol Im an upbeat even when i fall on my face (literally, im totally clumsy) So yep thats about it Laters! :p
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