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Hey there, I'm Christel, when you start talking to me, you may notice i'm much more mature than a typical 16 year old. :) My dream is to one day become famous. Singing is what I enjoy doing most in my life. I'm very VERY shy, but if I get to know you, i'm easygoing, and talkative. I've been told I have the sweet and innocent personality. I think that's pretty true. Music; I enjoy mostly listening to hip hop, pop, R&B, dance music. Artists like Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Rihanna, eminem, etc. But I also enjoy listening to a little bit of country, mostly Taylor Swift. and I enjoy some rock; Brian Adams, Tom Petty, The scorpions, ACDC. :) and I'm a metal girl. i love heavy metal. :) Favourite TV show? You don't have to ask me twice; Criminal Minds, and all of the CSI's. More facts about myself; I'm 5'10, so, i LOVE tall guys. for some reason, and i've always had a thing for black guys. I'm not racist of any ethnicity or anything. I just really like black guys. And to those on here who call me a whore, I'm a virgin, i'm not a teen mom. teen moms annoy me beyond belief. I'd just like to slap them all in the face. I LOVE animals. As you probably saw in one of my pictures,I have a beautiful German Shepherd named Oakley :) He's the most amazing dog you could ever meet. I love cooking,and baking, just like my mom. I live in the wonderful country; CANADA! :) It's an amazing country, but I've always wanted to move to the U.S. I don't know why. Anyways, I pretty much just wrote a story about me. Enough with me. :) Message me or chat me. tell me about you :) And PLEASE, no sick perverted pedofiles. That's all I seem to get on here.40 year old perverted men talking to me. It's disrespectful. if you didn't read this entire description, I don't blame you. It's like reading a book. :)

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