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Rewarding the Good, Removing the Bad

Hello, everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve announced an update, but this one is special. On top of several small technical improvements and bug fixes, we’re introducing a couple of new features aimed at the community, so I thought you might like to hear it from me. Most Helpful Opinion on... G@G Community

Hitting CTRL+Z on Closed Questions

As part of an effort to make GirlsAskGuys even more valuable for our community, we introduced the ability to close a question a while ago. The rationale behind Closed Questions was that you could close a question once you were satisfied with the opinions, allowing us to give space to new... G@G Community

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If you had a time machine, would you travel to the past or go see the future?

Assuming you could use it just once (for a round trip), would go back in time to try to change something or would you travel to the future? Other

How are your goals for 2016 going?

We're almost at the end of the first semester and I'm curious if you are still on track with the goals you set for yourself on New Year's day. Other

Do you want to help us test the GirlsAskGuys iOS app?

Our mobile applications are under development and we need help to test the GirlsAskGuys app for iOS before making it available for everyone on Apple’s App Store. To be able to join this closed beta test program, you must be an active member of the community, have an iPhone 4S or newer model and... G@G Community

Would you like to have the ability to skip the "Preview" step when asking a question?

We have been trying to keep an open line of communication between the GirlsAskGuys team and you, our community, so this is a good chance to make your voice heard before we make a change. Right now, you need to preview a question before asking. We are considering making that step optional. You... G@G Community

Which aspect of GirlsAskGuys should we focus on improving the most or first?

Like I said when I introduced myself in the myTake I recently published, my name is Diogo and I'm the Product Manager here at GirlsAskGuys. We have several ideas and a big list of things to do in order to make your experience even better, so I thought it'd be useful to ask for your help on how... G@G Community

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