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My name is a Ace.

A DJ/producer/rapper/song writer who loves to dance, oh and a life coach and stand up comedian if you're interested. So I love music and going out clubbing, love dancing and living life to the fullest. But I still love my kick back with a good movie, I have probably 300+ So I know always have something to watch.

And apparently I'm funny since I get paid to make people laugh, or at least I hope that's what I'm doing on stage! =]

I'm kind of a weird guy as in being a life coach I can read personalities. So you can tell me you're favourite movie and I can tell you who you are just from what you've told me.

I like to cook and can thrown down a mean Walnut salad, and I'm not too shabby with my mac'n'cheese either or my Nachos.

I read, but most graphic novels and stuff I can really learn from or get something out of.

I love meaning in everything, I'm a silly romantic dreamer who wants the best out of life and unlike most guys believes in fate and true love.

But I do love videogames, and as much as I hate sports I do have one favourite sport (but I don't take it up competitively yet) and that's Speedball...a real mans sport!

I don't care what other people think of me and wouldn't really change unless I knew I had to.

I like my relationships to be like a fairytale because i'm all about the happily ever after.

I'd add more but my profile could never be long to answer everyone of your questions, so get in contact and ask me yourself, seriously I don't bite, (I mean I used to when I was in preschool and then got that thirst for blood, but that's stopped now). So I'm sure we'll become awesome friends.
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