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Why are some people against lab grown meat?

Seriously, animal agriculture is destroying the environment and gives unnecessary suffering to those animals. How is some genetically modified food worse than ending up having an environment that can't sustain life anymore? We already use more resources than Earth can give on long term. Other


How would you feel if someone would reject you for not having sex early?

Let's say you are the type of person who wants to form a connection with someone before sleeping with them. But someone would reject you for not being that type in spite of getting along well as friends. How would you feel? I just found it happened to me and I feel horrible as I am also... Other


Why did the chicken cross the road?

This is just a test to see how many people read the description. If you read it comment "You didn't catch me" Other


Is the Earth flat?

I think it's a sphere, but some people think otherwise for some reason in spite of all the evidence. Other

Girls, did you ever have a problem with Indian guys on social media?

Or other Asian guys? I personally get a lot of friend request and messages from South Asian guys, so I trully get where the bob and vegana memes come from. Also, this is not a post against people of any nationality, i am just curious how common it is. Other

What are your body measurements?

I mean chest, waist, hips, height, weight, shoe size. Stuff like that Fashion & Beauty

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