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Beautiful Female Celebrities From Romania

I have seen many myTakes about beautiful women all around the world, so I decided to make one about beautiful female celebrities from Romania. I didn't post an equal number of photos for each because it's easier to find photos for some. Also, these are just the ones I find the most beautiful,... Fashion & Beauty

Recent Questions

What is your body fat percentage?

This site says I am about 18.8% http://www.strongur.io/body_fat_calculator/ Fashion & Beauty

What are your hip, waist and thigh measurements?

I mean the circumeference your thighs and hips at their widest points and of the waist at the narrowest point. Fashion & Beauty

What body shape do you prefer on women?

Pear/Triangle Hourglass RectangleRectangleRectangle Apple Inverted triangle Fashion & Beauty

Why do high waisted jeans get so much hate from guys?

Low waisted jeans aren't as comfortable, when you sit they go down and you risk everyone seeing you butt. And when you are standing it is not like you would wear a short top and skin would be visible, you would still wear long tops which cover your belly completely. Actually, low waisted jeans... Fashion & Beauty

What is your opinion on breast reduction?

Would you get one if your boobs were too big? Are the results worth the risk? https://www.youtube.com/embed/p-vDiUVZ6gs Fashion & Beauty

What celebrities do you consider overrated in terms of looks?

Here's few I think they are overrated, not ugly by any means, but I don't think they are above average or gorgeous. Leonardo was quite handsome when he was young though. Fashion & Beauty

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