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This site - and certainly my advice - is no substitute for a professional therapist, attorney, or doctor. If your problem is serious, you feel depressed enough to harm yourself or others, or puts you in danger then seek professional assistance immediately.

My advice is based on my personal experience and beliefs, some of which are that mental and physical abuse is never acceptable, the welfare of women and children should be a man's primary concern, and that strong families make for well adjusted children - I strongly discourage people from participating in what I see as dysfunctional relationships.

I think that too many people don't understand the purpose of dating: they try to make any dating relationship work when in fact there is no real need to. You date to find someone that works for you, and if you are having ongoing difficulties with someone you date - move on!

In general, I believe:

* You can't fix other adults, they either get their own problems under control or you live with them.

* You can change your own life but it isn't easy.

* Men who imagine themselves riding a white horse and wearing shining armor are headed for a fall. Your love and understanding won't fix a person that needs professional help.

* Women who think they can "train" or fix any man are headed for big problems.

* Everyone should wear a baseball cap lined with tin foil to block the mind control waves from the black helicopters that follow them around.

* You should think carefully before following anyone's advice.
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