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Ok, first of my name is Ruby. I don't fall for people easily but when I fall, I fall hard. Music, art, God, and my friends are my life. Some day I wish to be both a graphic designer and an art therapist. I had my heart broken and I still love the man who did it. I am working really hard to get my life back and to move on but it is proving to be very hard.

My favorite music would have to be rock music. I really can't stand rap or hip hop but some country I can put up with and rarely like. My favorite bands are My Chemical Romance, Paramore, The Pink Spiders, Death Cab for Cutie, Green Day, New Found Glory, Blink-182, Less Than Jake, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Good Charlotte (More the old stuff than the new.), Simple Plan, Sences Fail, Evanescence, Fly Leaf, Relient K, The Used, Fall Out Boy, and many, many more. Anything with a punk or pop kinda feel to it I generally like. I like some screamo but not much. I also like "emo" music. Mostly because it helps me to get my feelings out when I am sad. I hate it when people call other people "emos" because they listen to sad music. Everyone gets sad and if you don't then you arn't human.

I would love to get to know anyone who wants to take the time to know me. I don't like stereotypes and the people I really don't like are the people who stereotype themselves and others. I don't like people who are full of themselves or that cuss or talk dirty (Sometimes it's ok.) all the time but other than that I would love to talk to you!


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