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Is He Serious About You?

Women often ask questions about their boyfriends, husbands, and prospective love interests: Does he love me? Does he want to marry me? Am I the only woman in his life? Is he serious about our relationship? Should I break up with him? Unfortunately, by the time a girl asks these question to... Dating

Playing VS Being Hard-To-Get

Men hate it when women play hard-to-get...but they also dislike women with standards, who are picky, or simply don't like them. Playing any sort of game is childish, immature, and likely to end in drama and hurt feelings on both sides. Women have many options of flirting or showing interest in a... Flirting

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When does dating become a serious relationship?

Personally I take relationships very seriously. My boyfriend and I have been together less than 6 months, but we've already planned out our long-term goals. But I'll see people in relationships for 5-10 years with no plans of marriage or girls post online every couple of months about a new guy... Dating


Why would you cuss out a girl for telling you she has a boyfriend?

Last night when I went to the club with my friend, some guy tried to hit on me. I told him I have a boyfriend because I do (I would've brought him with me, but he lives in a different state right now). He immediately started yelling at me and cussing me out, spitting in my hair. What was his... Flirting

How do you get to know someone?

My boyfriend and I were talking about this the other day and I guess we have different ways of getting to know someone. I prefer to spend time with them and let them tell me information about themselves when they're comfortable with it, but her prefers to ask direct questions Dating

Where do you want to meet your dream guy/girl?

You can answer this if you've already met them too I met my dream guy online. I always joke that he's so perfect for me it's like I made him in a computer rather than met him on one Dating

Do you think Incels are their own worst enemy?

Obviously I think Incels are their own worst enemies. They blame women for their problems because they're not man enough to accept their fault and improve their lives Dating

Do you date within your league?

A lot of people claim leagues are not a thing. If they don't, then everyone will select they have no preference. If everyone says they're attractive and only date attractive people, then they're lying Dating

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