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I'm 17, but anyways my is Blasia Mendoza. I'm Hispanic and Black I'm a Senior high school.. I love reading and dancing..I've been on dance line for 5 years including middle school and out side of school.. speaking of outside I'm more into nature... and getting out and exploring.. I'm into music

I wanna get married and live with with my husband and kids in a nice house on a beach or something...

I'm from Phoenix (Cardinals Pride)... I got Southern pride though and I sting like a bee... Um if i could be any super hero I would be Cat woman because I wanna climb even though I hate cats. I like soft ball but never played but I might start. I have no animals. I have 2 siblings.

I don't do NUDES OR SEXUAL ACTIVITY YET! I'm a very nice girl when you get to know me but without getting to me if you just base off my bio and shit you will think I'm stupid.

I like sports like soccer, football, and basket ball... I actually played soccer for 7 years. I am strong Feminist. And I love to Debate, I'm actually going to a Nationals Debate meeting About making Abortion Illegal, so hope I win.

My favorite Tv shows are Jane the Virgin, Eye Candy, The haves and the have nots.... Etc.

If you a girl and you feel as though you wanna come at me sideways you better taste your words before you spit them out. And I'm not really into fighting and violence but I will beat a girl's ass. I am bipolar, ADHD, and very aggressive when angry.

That's the fun side of me but I have depression and Atelopobia which means a fear of not being good enough.

Here's something to take with you I'm sad, but I still smile. that's my life. Welcome to my World.
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