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Recent Questions


Is wearing revealing clothes one of the causes of rape?

I want to hear arguments from people who agree and disagree with this. Are revealing clothes one of the reasons of rape? Why/why not? Society & Politics


Is USA really dangerous for women?

USA ranks #10 on the list "Most dangerous countries for women in 2018" Does it really deserve the be there? I think no, but I don't know the exact reason why it ranks #10. Society & Politics


Does Bashar Al-Assad really kill his own people?

Here we have so many Syrians, and whenever I talk to one of them, they always say "Ya qahhar, Bashar Assad is a murderer, he needs to die. With him Syria will never be peaceful." However I have heard that a lot of Syrians also support him. You can find Syrian youtubers praising him. Society & Politics


Why do 3rd wave feminists try so hard to look unattractive?

What does looking like that brings them? Do they really think they are fighting for women's rights when they act like that? They are extremely unattractive that they make people whose self-esteem is non-existent like me feel attractive. Society & Politics


Which political ideologies are the most/least evil?

Sure no ideology is perfect but some tend to be more dangerous than others. For example communism and nazism are among the most evil, we can agree on that. How about the least? Society & Politics


What are your thoughts on American intervention to other countries?

What does it bring? Democracy or destruction? I would love to hear from Americans as well. Americans, would you want withdrawal of your military from those countries or keep intervening? Society & Politics


Is seeing your own race/nationality superior wrong?

I am not talking about something like Apartheid and national socialism, just believing that your own race is superior. If a person sees his race/nationality superior, is it wrong? If yes, why? If no, again, why? Society & Politics

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